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Derek Hood

Derek Hood is a professional basketball player that was born in December of 1976. He is from Kansas City, Missouri and went one to play basketball for the local high school. His basketball skills got the attention of the NBA and he entered the 1999 NBA draft. At 6 foot, 8 inches and 222 pound he has the ideal physical build for a basketball player.

Hood was pre drafted by the Arkansas professional basketball tam and went on to play several seasons of professional basketball. He ended up signing with the Charolotte Hornets. He played with this team for a couple of seasons then became a free agent. Hood signed a contract to play for the Philadelphia Sixers. This contract only lasted a short period of time and he was put on a waiver which allowed him to look for work with another team. He then signed with the Phoenix Suns until they played him on a waiver as well so he was once again a free agent. He singed with the Dallas Mavericks and played for a short period of time before being put on a waiver once again. He is currently an unrestricted free agent and can sign with any professional basketball team.

Derek H has played several seasons in the NBA. Not too many players can say that they have the skills needed to play professional basketball. He was able to sign with different teams, but he still got to experience the NBA. Hood was part of the SEC All Tournament Team in 1999. Hood has enjoyed a good career where he was able to show off his basketball skills and develop a fan base.

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